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My name is Candace Barrett Birk. I'm a health coach, teaching artist, actor and passionate advocate for people who are exploring, discovering and living their best possible story. This site is about my company, PORTALS. It is also about ways we might journey together to enhance your well-being.


I work with individuals like you who are really just fine and going along pretty happily in life, but sometimes feel there is something out of kilter. Maybe you aren't sleeping well, or you're having trouble communicating with your collegues or you're trying to cope with a chronic illness. Perhaps you feel creatively blocked, have issues with maintaining a healthy lifestyle or maybe you just feel that something is missing from your life and you want to take a look at what that might be.

In any of these instances (and a vast array of others), I work with you, the Client, to identify your possible issues and explore possible solutions. We'll work together to co-create a plan for accomplishing your goals and put you on your path to a more health-full life. The focus will be on your present and your future, not the past. I believe that the stories we create guide our lives. Reframe the stories that aren't serving you and you'll change your world.


My background is in the arts as well as in health and wellness, so we will often look at creative as well as research-based options. On this site you can find out more about health coaching, the services offered through PORTALS, exercises that you can do right now to feel more like your best self, and other resources that you might enjoy exploring. I look forward to the possiblity of working with you.

Let's do it!

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